Emergency Repair & Non Emergency Service Policies

Emergency Service Fee

We respond to emergency repairs any time, any day to remove hazards, contain damages and protect company resources.  We do not charge premium fees for the emergency service, only a 1 time fixed fee of $120 to cover our costs to get to your site immediately.

Non-Emergency Service Fee

We request to use the Contact Us form to send us your service request along with pictures of existing conditions, if available.  The pictures will help us diagnose the issue, however, in case our technical manager need to conduct diagnostics at site, we require a $120 advance payment to cover our costs to get to your site on  pre-agreed schedule.

Quote (Pre-priced Project)

Irrespective emergency or not, there are companies that prefer we submit quote after inspection or preview.

Our  lump sum quote is based on the work scope, with a breakdown between Labor & Materials .  Upon receipt of approved quote or PO, we arrange with owner start date most convenient for both parties taking into consideration special materials' availability.

Rate Per Hour (Open Work Order)

In case of open work orders, our pricing policy is Time & Materials, where:

Time = work duration x rate per hour  

Materials = at cost + sales tax + 15% margin to cover our procurement cost

Rate per hour is determined based on the arrangement or agreement.

These pricing terms apply to emergency repairs and non emergency services including handyman services.

Invoice Term

We issue invoice with work scope details on it within 5 days from completion.

Our credit term is N30.

Secured Payment Link:

 We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, Discovery, PayPal, EFT and Check.  Credit card payment in this portal is secured. 


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

One time fee for onsite diagnostics of existing conditions which is necessary for work scoping.  It is deductible from invoice.